Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fairy-Tale Town at Zvezda Park

Christmas is soon approaching, and numerous events designed for children of all ages will be taking place at various locations in Ljubljana's town center. The central point for many such happenings will be the Fairy Tale Town at Zvezda park (Kongresni trg).

"The magical events held at the Fairy-Tale Town, traditionally built in the Zvezda park, will this year be intended for both children and adults. A large pyramid erected in the centre of the Fairy-Tale Town will be housing a lush tropical garden, where visitors, surrounded by exotic plants, the sounds of birds and animals, and many other things quite unusual for Ljubljana in winter, will be able to relax and, at least for a little while, forget about the cold. Throughout the day, the Fairy-Tale Town will be hosting interesting events."

Programme of events:

* 10:30-12:30: creative workshops for children
* 16:00-17:00: programme of children's events
* 19:00-21:00: performances by street theatre groups accompanied by a musical programme

Via Ljubljana.si

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