Friday, September 7, 2007

Ex Ponto - 14th international festival of contemporary theatre

Ljubljana's Ex Ponto festival will be taking place at various venues arount the cety centre from 11 through 26 September.

"Ex Ponto is an international festival of contemporary theatre focusing on theatre productions dealing with provocative, socially relevant themes. In the Slovenian cultural area it is considered to be one of the major international theatre festivals. It is accompanied by a programme of exhibitions, dance performances, multimedia projects, film screenings, concerts, etc."

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27th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts

This year's Biennial of Graphic arts in now underway at Ljubljana's International Centre for Graphic Arts through 28 October.

"The Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts is the world's biggest and one of the most renowned events of the kind. During its 50-year history it has received huge acclaim from artists, experts and public alike. This time, the Biennial is centred around a groundbreaking moment in the history of arts when the notion of the original and the copy was dramatically changed by technological possibilities in reproducible art. Going back to the Renaissance, reproducible art had a crucial impact on the 20th century art and is still relevant today."